Unit I São Roque: Headquarters and Administrative unit

Located in São Roque (São Paulo state), as member of the “Roteiro do Vinho de São Roque”, Vinícola Góes is one of the most visited wineries in Brazil. Equipped with modern facilities and highly trained staff, the winery stands out as a family business, which maintains its roots, but always keeps an eye on the future and invests in technology, emphasizing the quality of the wines. In addition to the products, the company has a strong infrastructure for wine tourism, with stores, event spaces, guided visits, restaurant, cafeteria and live music, encouraging the region’s touristic virtues.

Unit II São Roque – Vineyards and Winemaking

Located in São Roque, this unit has vineyards of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, BRS Lorena and other traditional varieties to produce juices. The Experimental Field is also located there, which is an open air lab developed to identify which grapes are better adapted to the region, evaluating distinct techniques of cultivation, handling, pruning, conduction and harvest. Also in Unit II company has the winemaking equipment, processing grapes cultivated at the region and coming from other regions, producing wines, sparkling wines, coolers and juices.

Unit III Flores da Cunha - Vinícola Góes & Venturini

Founded in 1989 as a joint venture of Families Góes and Venturini, the unit is located in Serra Gaucha, closed to the biggest grape and wine production region of Brazil. It was created to produce in scale the traditional wines (table wines) bottled in Sao Paulo with Goes labels, and the quality premium Casa Venturini fine wines, featuring Vivere Brut Champenoise sparkling wine and Chardonnay and Tannat fine wines, which grapes are cultivated in Campanha Gaucha. Casa Venturini wines are reaching important recognition and awards, national and international, positioning competitively the company and brands.